Terms & Conditions
  1. ABOUT U.S.

    1. World Business Zone company based in Wakefield is the creator and owner of the website world-business-zone.com entitled to dispose of its assets.
    2. world-business-zone.com is a service-announcement advertising.


    1. These regulations apply to:
    a) the use of all web sites operated by World Business Zone.
    b) the rights and obligations
    c) the procedures for posting ads
    2.Online services of World Business Zone include:
    a) the purchase announcement
    b) the sale announcement
    c) advertising
    d) recruitment ads
    e) stores
    3. All addresses of websites are available on the website of World Business Zone located at: world-business-zone.com
    4. Filling in and submiting an electronic application form from the website of the service starts the procedure of the service and is tantamount to acceptance of these Rules.
    5. Placing an order does not require any of the services explicitly for the adoption and implementation of a given application.
    6. Each application goes through the review process and upon successful verification, and our acceptance is accepted for processing.
    7.Publication of announcement begins on the day following the prior activation (except for notices of promotion / free /).
    8. Acceptance of the condition is properly filled in application form on the website.
    9. The user is obliged by the content of the announcement to be a real, credible and consistent with applicable law, does not violate ethical and moral standards, and does not violate the legal interests of third parties.
    10. The Customer declares that it is the copyright owner and the author of all the elements of the announcement, and the announcement issued in the goods, services or admissions ads.
    11. The Customer authorizes company World Business Zone to dispose of all the elements of the announcement (above all graphic elements) to the service and use them in all websites carried out within the portal.
    12. It is prohibited to place ads in the content in any way promote other websites without our approval.
    13. We reserve the right to issue a notice in addition to other selected websites we carried out within the portal.
    14. We reserve the right to transfer the ads to another category where the content of the notice does not correspond to the category.
    15. It is prohibited to copy or third party ad duplicate content, graphics or other elements of the announcement. If such a company because the grantor authorizes the World Business Zone to all legal actions as a party representing the owner of advertisements, and copyright.
    16. We reserve the right to remove the ads from the site or sites in the event that the relevant official information about the violation of the law, or fact finding violations of the provisions of this Regulation. In this case you do not return the fee paid, or any other separate compensation.
    17. By sending electronic application form the client agrees to the processing of personal data (including all attachments) to the service by the World Business Zone, or any business working with the service.
    18. The customer of which advertisement is included in promotion (free) does not have any right to claim any compensation from the company World Business Zone regardless of the situations as they arise during the execution of the order.
    19. These regulations may be changed at any time unilaterally by the website owner in whole or in part.
    20. Any changes in these rules shall apply when it is published on the website for which you are responsible for systematic review of the rules.
    21. An inactive company website is the basis for deleting an account from our website.
    22. Each account registered to a different email address than the business domain is the basis for deleting the given account from our website.
    23. Advertisements, in which contact details do not match the details on website will be deleted.
    24. Inactive account (account that hasn’t be logged in to) for period of 10 years will be deleted.
    25. Each company can only have one account on our website.


    1.Acceptance of the condition is properly filled in a form on the website, ie all fields must be completed as intended.
    2. In the case of non-fulfillment of all the fields, the form will automatically notify the user which fields are required and the process of sending a break expecting to complete the data.
    3. In some cases incorrectly filled form fields, the form notifies the user of the data format used incorrectly interrupting the process of sending notification and waiting for the improvement of the data.


    1. Each ad on the site, you can modify, delete, or extend the time of publication.
    2. Modification announcement can not rely on overwriting previous notice a new announcement.
    3. The user can at any time shorten the advert, or completely remove it.


    1. Payments for placing ads on the website are taken in front.
    2. Fees are charged for each commenced period of the advert on the site.
    3. Prices in the application forms are gross prices and include TAX in the amount specified by law.
    4. Shortening of the advert or complete removal of the service does not entitle you to claim refund of the fee paid for the period in which the ad was published.
    5. Ads activation takes place only after recognition of the fact by ordering the payment (after recognition of a bank account).
    6. Payment can be made in several ways:
    a) send a text message to a special number
    b) bank transfer
    c) by post
    7. All data relating to the declaration and payment methods are sent to the specified email account when registering the client.
    8. The fees specified in the application form will vary depending on the service time issue and additional services.
    9. Extending the period of publication of the notice takes place on the same principles as put a new post on the payments.
    10. The original TAX invoice will be sent to the ordering customer’s request, we send an electronic version of the standard TAX invoice to the customer e-mail account. You authorize the company World Business Zone to issue TAX Fature his signature.


    1. Complaints should be submitted in the first instance by email to: wbz(a)world-business-zone.com (Note: We do not receive mail from public mail servers.).
    2. Complaints are consider in up to 21 days.
    3.In the event of fraud please contact us immediately of World-Business-Zone by email.


    1.We shall not be liable for any interruption in the use of services attributable to the online signal providers.
    2. For reasons of inability to execute orders lying on the side of World Business Zone, we reserve the right to:
    a) extend the time of issue of the notice of the period in which the notice was published
    b) cancel the contract and refund of duty paid less the time of the service
    c) the replacement of an advert for another announcement
    3. Modernization of the equipment, software updates and other activities related to the maintenance and repair is not considered as a failure of the service. These activities will be carried out in the early hours of the morning.
    4. All user actions aimed at obstructing the use of the service, completely preventing the use or purpose of having a negative impact on the company’s image and undermining the reputation of the World Business Zone will be deemed to act in accordance with laws and regulations. Such action will be pursued through official channels. The difficulties in using the service oft mentioned reasons we assume no liability.
    5. All liability for the content of advertisements, its accuracy, compliance with the law, and copyright resulting from the user’s responsibility for the consequences of ordering the placement of ads.
    6. In the case of the third party against the entity conducting the website claims for breach of the law, moral and ethical standards, these Rules or any other claims resulting from ads placed by the user / payer, you (the author of notice) is required to intervene, fix any financial loss resulting moral by publication of the notice, and clear the good name of all victims.