Select Salon
Studio is a premier provider of salon studios in Ohio. It provides salon owners
with a safe space to run their operations with all the facilities of a
commercial studio including hair salon, nail salon, spa and massage center for
stylists in Maumee and Toledo.


It is a
one-of-a-kind space where salon owners can run their business without the
headache of managing employees, arranging utilities, and administrating
maintenance of a salon. Because Select Salon Studios do it all for the salon
owners. We provide an inclusive upscale environment for all our salons and
provide salon related amenities
such as:


Salon leasing

Ability to retail beauty
and salon related products

Personalized salon studios
in Maumee and Toledo

Flexibility to create your
own environment with music and décor

Networking opportunities
with other salon owners in Ohio

Built-in salon cabinets and
fixtures for salon professionals

Break rooms equipped with
laundry services

Completely furnished salon
studios with styling chair

16-hour access to the
leased studio

360-degree security with
keyless entry and cameras


To know more, visit Select Salon Studios website at:
or call 419-309-0009 to inquire about leasing a studio in Maumee and Toledo,
OH. You can also fill the form here:
to reach out to the Select Salon Studios team.


5221 Monroe

Toledo, OH

Phone: 419-309-0009



Briarfield Blvd,

Suite A,

Maumee, Ohio

Phone: 419-309-0009


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