Central Asia Group (CAG) is the global business consultant

Central Asia Group (CAG) is the global consultant in risk analysis & assessment, advisory and consulting focusing in Central Asia region.
Central Asia Group (CAG) is distinguished as a consulting firm in that it provides platforms for countries and governments to expand their businesses and industries worldwide. With its success in opening opportunities for Malaysian companies to explore and expand their opportunities in Central Southeast Asia, especially Tajikistan, CAG has set in motion a worldwide trajectory for cooperation in business, between and within countries and governments.
CAG has the experience and know-how to navigate the difficult waters of international business and their governments. The value added is that CAG uniquely offers its experience with developing strategic alliances with foreign governments (G2G) and B2B in addition to its comprehensive business, management and administrative consulting services in key industries. CAG is actively involved in industries such as: water, energy, information, commodities, mining, education, finance, events and construction.

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