Marijuana has never been more accessible than it is today. Restrictive laws are constantly revisited under the suspicion that cannabis has medicinal powers, and legal distributors are turning profits

Marijuana has never been more accessible than it is today.
Restrictive laws are constantly revisited under the suspicion that cannabis has
medicinal powers, and legal distributors are turning profits of incredible
magnitude. And yet, drug testing is still considered a vital step in the hiring
process for many companies.

Employers want sober
workers, and they are well within their rights to impose this requirement. But
that also means plenty of potential hires who are crippled by the fear that
their recreational habit will cost them an amazing opportunity. At home drug
tests are helpful in determining the presence of illicit drugs in one’s body.
But the question is: do they work?

of tests

The presence of illicit
drugs can be tested at home or in a laboratory. Tests are taken by saliva,
urine, hair, or blood sample. Salvia is not used very often because the window
of detection is so small. Instead, laboratories rely on hair, urine, and blood
samples to extract the most accurate information. Home tests are done through a
urine sample, which is then compared against a key.

Where can I buy a drug test kit for home?

Home drug test kits can
be purchased at most drug stores, like Walgreens or CVS. If you are wondering
how much is a home drug test, well, they can cost anywhere from $5 to $35 USD. 
But, because
home testing does involve some complications, it is smart to buy more than one

How to
test drugs at home?

Home drug testing kit are
highly sensitive to the presence of drugs, which means results will note any
and all abnormalities. This is why it is so important to verify positive
results with a laboratory. Only a lab will be able to determine, with absolute
certainty, the presence of illicit drugs. Samples are collected through urine,
and the results are substantiated by a corresponding test card or strip.

It’s important to note
that urine must be kept somewhere within the optimal temperature range of 96
and 99 degrees Fahrenheit.


Using a home kit to test
for drugs is a risk. Kits can be easily misused or misinterpreted, and the
tests do not account for an array of factors that can compromise results.
Factors like diet, weight, consumption type and prescription medications can
affect the results in a urine test. Faulty kits and improperly stored urine
samples can also lead to false reports.

The best course of action
is to ask for professional advice and rely on the services of a laboratory. Lab
testing utilizes a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) device, which
detects the presence of different substances in samples. A GC/MS machine, which
is considered the gold standard of testing, is also used in explosives
investigations and airport security. Lab tests are also verified by a medical
review officer.

The bottom line

Home drug tests do work.
They fulfill their one duty that is to detect abnormalities in samples. They
are not, however, sophisticated tools that can verify with certainty the
quantity or exact nature of those abnormalities. There are far too many factors
that can lead to false information.

Illicit drugs, more
specifically marijuana, affect everyone differently. Thus, it’s impossible to
know how long a drug will stay in one’s system. The best course of action is to
be smart. If you are a heavy cannabis user, it’s best to start with laboratory
testing. Results will come back with total certainty, which means less money
wasted on a home kit.

If you are not a heavy
user, it is smarter to begin with a home kit or two. If the results are
negative, it is up to your discretion to make the choice you feel is right. If
the results are positive, it’s extremely wise to seek the services of a lab.
Only laboratory testing will be able to confirm results.

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