RMS Vertical Drilling Melbourne

18th December 2017 6:59 am

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We’ve got what you need!
We’re one of Melbourne’s leading drilling contractors, offering a wide range of professional drilling services. As specialists in tight access drilling, we can complete those drilling projects that would otherwise be considered too difficult. We strive to provide an efficient effective solution for all your needs.

Catering to all your drilling needs, including:

Geothermal ground loops
Earth staking
Bore holes (85mm – 200mm)
Grouting earth stakes
Our specialised drill
With the D20x22FX Series II Navigator® Flex angle drill, Vermeer is not only helping revolutionise the way hard-working drilling professionals get the job done, but we’re also changing the way you’ll look at your drill. It’s the industry’s first flex-angle drill capable of entry points anywhere between 18 and 90 degrees. A full recirculation system designed for having minimal waste disposal makes this drill rig a one of a kind.

Specifications and Sizing:

Length (min transport): 5.6 m
Width (min transport): 165.1 cm
Height (min transport): 221 cm
Weight: 5987.4 kg