Planet ESL

Korea, North

16 May 2024 14:26

Last online 16 May 2024 14:27

Planet ESL, a renowned recruiting and teacher placement agency based in Seoul, South Korea, specializes in facilitating English teaching opportunities in Korea. With roots tracing back to our establishment as "Career Connections" in 1999, we possess extensive expertise in the ESL sector within Korea. Our primary objective at PlanetESL is to provide comprehensive support and guidance to individuals aspiring to teach English in Korea, ensuring they are well-prepared for the cultural immersion and professional demands of the experience. Through our commitment to integrity and genuine care for our teachers, we have garnered a reputation for professionalism and excellence in the industry. PlanetESL prioritizes the thorough preparation of teachers for the unique aspects of living and working in Korea, encompassing cultural adaptation, contractual considerations, and working conditions. We take pride in our dedication, hard work, and firsthand knowledge, which have solidified our position as a trusted and respected resource for English teaching jobs in Korea.