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9 July 2024 14:22

Last online 9 July 2024 14:42

In Lahore, a bustling city in Pakistan, there are numerous rental services offering houses, apartments, and portions at reasonable prices. Areas like Johar Town, Model Town, and DHA (Defence Housing Authority) are popular for their wide range of rental options catering to different budgets and preferences.

Johar Town is known for its modern infrastructure and amenities, making it a favored choice among families and professionals. Rental prices here are generally reasonable, with a variety of houses and apartments available.

Model Town is another sought-after area, famous for its serene environment and well-planned layout. This locality offers spacious houses and portions, often at competitive rates, making it an attractive option for those seeking comfort and affordability.

DHA, renowned for its secure and upscale living, also provides numerous rental properties. While some areas in DHA might be on the pricier side, many portions and apartments are available at moderate prices, offering luxury and convenience.